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Apex Vision
Apex Mining 11 goals

Vision Analogy

Early 2010, the Senior Managers of Apex Mining Company met and addressed the future direction of the company. A powerful VISION was created by the TEAM that will make a difference in our communities, our country and the world.

The vision shows that we are a proudly Philippine Company, run by Filipinos, with our origins in the Compostela Valley Province of Mindanao in the Southern Philippines. Our origins are represented by the Golden egg sitting in the nest lined by our eleven goals:

The large golden egg represents our major product and contains the embryo that hatch and grow as our goals are achieved.

The world shows our aspirations to take our achievements and standards to other parts of the Philippines, into other parts of South-east Asia and beyond - represented by the smaller golden eggs, linked together as a family by our origins by applying modern technology we can maintain our synergy to communicate effectively wherever we are.

Nothing can be achieved unless we have the total involvement of all of our people, our communities and all the organizations with whom we deal, wherever we operate. They link hands around the world of our VISION as, without them, we cannot succeed.

It is our belief that "Vision without Action is merely a Dream; Action without Vision is just wasting time; Vision and Action can change the world." (Joel Arthur Baker)